Echoes of the Past

The Best is yet to Come


So six friends parted ways in the town square, each going off in search of something they didn’t know they already had. And while our heroes would surely see each other again, it would never be under these same circumstances.
A momentary calm had come to the land of Dagon Fel. In the years that followed the Destiny Islands saw prosperity. While its new ruler was young and inexperienced, she had the good mind to rely on those around her for sound advice and good counsel. Lyra announced only a week after her coronation that she would not see any more suiters, she had a kingdom to run and near two hundred years to have an heir, it was no priority. In the advent of GreyHaven losing 75% of it’s population, it was many years before it was again returned to its former glory. With the loss of Lance Legweak, the council appointed Night Furry to the vacant seat of the Masteran council. The finding of Estelle’s work on rifts resulted in all tears in the world being closed, and the alien threat being dismissed. The Dragonsreach Empire’s call to protection had been resolved. For the events that transpired in Argos, a deep resentment set in against all creatures outside of civilized society. Argos’s ruins sat as a testament to the idea that these two worlds may never truly mix.
As for our heroes,
Njaa returned to his homeland, having casted off the shackles of Lokath he wished to regain his rightful place ruling his people. Njaa met with much resistance, and when brought before his father, was told that he would not be allowed the throne while his father still lived. Many leonin cried out for battle there on the spot. Njaa had become a wiser man in his travels, and a better man at that. He did not kill his father but rather lived under him, working to gain his place again among his people. In the years hence he came to be accepted again among his people, and even married, had child. During his time with his people, Njaa became honorable again among Leonin when he helped Cato Xiryxidor bring life back to Ghen. In his personal work, he kept close ties with the knights of Kear Deirdraath on the coast, though he never became a knight. His place was with his people. There came a time, after all the fighting, all the gore, the killing and the rage when Njaa sat atop Mt. Gagazet, and his cub asked him why he adventured, why did he every leave Ghen in the first place. Prophet looked to his cub and said
“I left to find something I needed child, and after searching the world, I found it right here”
“That’s cheesy Daddy”
Prophet chuckled and held his cub close, not understanding what she had ment.
Sigfried went to serve out his time among Hope’s Legion. During his time there, the Lady of the Lake became so impressed with Sigfried’s growth, she asked that Hope release him of his bond after only 3 years. Sigfried went on to enjoy his fame and fortune. Living his life on tour with his close friend Daffadil, whom eventually proposed to him. He formed a group of players, bringing his new musical to cities around Thalas. The idea of the musical was a smash success, and while others had the idea before, nobody had the money to mount a production. However money was not the only factor present, a great writer was needed, and that is what the world found in Sir Passion. With catchy tunes, good dramatic action, and funny rhymes Sigfried’s words became immortalized as something of the first world wide celebrity. When all tours and shows were said and done however he went to inventing his new Magnum Opus, the Keytar. With the secret diagrams passed on from bard to bard and his own ingenuity at his disposal, Sigfried would surely find a breakthrough.
Ridgeron Thatcher Angle stopped in to see his family before doing anything else. He met with all 46 members of his immediate family and had a grand celebratory dinner with the 83 members of his parents families. But Thatch is an adventurer, and an adventurer cannot live in his parent’s basement. Thatch headed back to Dagon Fel and actually settled down in the Ivory City, opening a museum of all the objects he had “collected” in his travels. He didn’t plan to go on any more great adventures, just small treasure hunts. Thatch was a man of simple ways, and didn’t look towards doing epic things or grand schemes. Though some may call this a boring life but for Thatch, he had never wanted anything more.
Krizicx Marimond jumped on his newfound lead, heading straight for the forest. What he found there was indeed his son. He spent the next few years attempting to reconnect, to make up for lost time. And while his son was glad to see his father, he was a man now, with responsibility. Krizicx had missed his son’s childhood, though not his love. So he turned toward greater horizons. Remembering what Estelle had mentioned, Krizicx decided he wanted to see new worlds. He went about buying a small house in Grand Sorin and turning it into a laboratory. He performed all manner of experiments, often calling on the Tides of Chaos for assistance. It all culminated in him blowing up the house he had bought. Finally identified as a wild mage by the public, the Council of Five demanded that Krizicx go to Hex Schoola, the mystic arcanium, to be properly taught how to control his power. Our clumsy owl made his way North, though didn’t get far, as is the custom in Ava. He found a black cat on the road with a pendant in her mouth. As he took the pendant he could see that it had inscribed on it various runes, the top of which read “material” in draconic. He looked at the cat, it purred back, then winked. Krizicx then read the next word on the pendant, “Astral” in draconic, and the world faded away before him. Krizicx saw many beautiful worlds, each with its own air of wonder and mystery. However traveling does make one year for what they miss. It was a twilight night in the City of Brass when Krizicx, tired of seeing wonders, finally figured out that what he had been lacking was still consistency in his life. He sat on a bench overlooking the Molten Sea. As he let out a sigh, he turned to his right with a start to find an elven woman gazing out over the rolling ocean as well. She had black hair and bronze skin, and a kind gaze though there was harshness in her voice.
“So Krizicx, have you found what you wanted in your travels”
“Well, I think so”
“Really? And what exactly did you want”
“I wanted…”
Krizicx thought for a moment before not being able to come up with an answer.
“I guess I wanted things back, I wanted my wife, I wanted my son”
“It’s sad and beautiful at the same time really”
“What is”
“The fact that even if you try to painstakingly put something back together piece by piece, it will never again be the way it was”
Hope began to see the world both differently and the same. While Hope’s wisdom had grown to an astounding new capacity, her heart had always been full of compassion. Hope set about trying to find a refuge for the old and unwanted in Dagon Fel. She quickly found that the freaks she moved to shelter were the same people being persecuted by the mortal races. Orcs, Goblins, and Harpies were chief among the unwanted. While Hope tried to store them in her converted manor, she quickly saw that the citizens of The Ivory City were not keen on having them there. When tensions seemed about to break, Lyra came to Hope with a solution in the form of her mother’s dimension doorframes. Hope’s back door was enchanted to lead to valley hidden in the mountains of Myst, an ancient, bountiful place where all could be accepted and never want for more. Hope herself became something of a favorite among the Ivory nobility. Invitations and proposals flooded in from all around. When Hope was not busy traveling she would stop into either her forest home in Grand Sorin, or the manor in Dagon Fel she had bequeathed to Quayle. In both places she never failed to find herself in loving arms. It was in one of these quiet moments of bliss that it finally happened. Hope lay in bed, late into the afternoon. She could smell lunch being made in the kitchen, and ocean wind through her window. In that moment of bliss she thought to herself “perhaps these small pleasures aren’t so bad”. Hope heard a powerful snap, and looked to her desk to see the charred egg that Feo had left her long ago. A lightning shaped break had appeared on it’s surface. From that crack, the shape of her world had changed again.
Cato Xirixydor became something of a wandering commodity throughout the world for a time. At the end of this journey his life had opened up, and he was free to do as he pleased. He left the noble scene of the Ivory City, and returned to his homeland of Ghen. From the ruins of his old home Dominus he used his small fortune to establish a colony, beckoning people to come from all corners of the earth and re-settle the coast. Cato was a sharp individual, and called to have mythral deposits moved down into Ghen. With the help of Prince Njaa and his Leoin, Cato was able to safely and quickly install the ore. The metal that gives life to the land around it worked faster than anybody could have imagined. Color and beauty began to return to the island of Ghen, and soon people began to flock to New Dominus. Cato then realized that there was a whole world unknown to him still waiting, and moved to see it. It would be years before he would return home again, though his absence was well worth the experience. Cato saw a hundred beautiful things in his travels. He broke bread with Storm Giants, rode dragons over the Impasse Mountains, and ran with unicorns at world’s end. But after a time travel gave way to home sicknesses, and Cato yearned for the warm waters of Dagon Fel. He went about his way going home, jaunting over Rorrim and sailing the Sea of Ghosts. At last he came upon the rocky shores of Rime, landing in a Greyhaven reborn. He passed through the city remade and followed the Nickol High Road, hitting the Midfort along the way until he finally came to the Ivory City. He had not been there in years and the sight of the gorgeous white and crystalline city invoked something in his heart he couldn’t describe. He passed the ancient bridge, suspended over the azure lake. As he hit the Temple of Vorel he met with a mass of citizens. The people of Dagon Fel still remembered and bowed their heads in deepest respect. Cato made his was through the crowd, his journey made easier by all the people falling to their knees all about. It wasn’t until the people bowing around him met with another group of kneeling citizens that his vision ahead became clear. The Queen, stood amidst the second crowd, looking right at him. A hundred people bowed as two friends looked at each other for the first time in years.
He tried to think of something, a one liner, a jest, anything, but all that came was,
“I’m back”
She smiled just as she had the first time they met,
“You’re home”



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