Tez Kum Bigarse

A Goblin Rogue with a knack for thievery.


Tez Kum Bigarse, otherwise known as Toothshredder, to his friends, is a 3 foot tall Goblin weighing about 40 pounds, he’s an ugly little fuck, and he has some bright red eyes.

To the average viewer, Tez might not seem like much, but this little green ball of anger is quite capable of holding his own in battle, and very able to sneak around, get into places, and climb with ease.

Tez doesn’t wear any armor, he’s got no shirt, just some brown pants & no shoes.


Tez Bigarse is a goblin hailing from a clan of Goblin Thieves who called themselves just the Goblins because they kept arguing about names and couldn’t ever decide on anything. Typical Goblins.

He lived a life with his goblin friends, known under the name Toothshredder. He looked up to the leader of the clan, Throatbone. It wasn’t so much as them hiding their real identities, it was more that they just wanted cool names.

He was raised by Throatbone, so he never really knew a life beside one of constant thievery. They never really stole much big stuff, mostly just pickpocketing and b&e’s on small stores to get food and necessities.

On a day that Throatbone and the rest of the clan were supposed to go on a big heist to steal from a noble family in an attempt to get rich, Tez/Toothshredder fell extremely ill and was not able to go along on the journey. Tez knew that the family did not live far off, less than a day’s journey, so as night fell and the clan had not returned, he realized that something had gone terribly wrong and after failing to locate his clan, decided to leave the area and pursue a life of adventure on his own, making his own way, thriving on his own, and hopefully learn a little bit about life outside of the constant Thievery, such as friendship, kindness, and love.

Tez Kum Bigarse

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