Ishmael Var Emerys

Exalted Knight and Folk Hero


Ishmael is a full blooded drow of the Underdark. He stands at 5’10", and weighs around 150 pounds. He is quite ugly, his face sunken in and being plagued by a multitude of scars. He has pink eyes, long white hair, and black skin. He is quite jovial and kind however. He usually dresses in leisure clothes befitting a noble, that is when he is not clad in plate mail. Ishmael fights with a longsword and shield.


Ishmael emerged in the surface world late in his second century of being alive, and left behind all that tied him to the drow world. He adventured for many years in the illicit company of Jack Maggot and others, slaying beasts, rescuing those in need, and being free. It is not known how he came to Mastera, or when exactly he courted the great wizard Estelle. Once married Ishmael of Riven became a knight of the house Var Emerys and was eventually commanded by Estelle to assist the rebels of Rorrim in defeating their dragon overlords. When the war was said and done, Ishmael formed an order of knights and headed south to deal with the aberrant threat in Gehn. The Knights have been fighting the creatures of the void for three years now at the castle they have made named Caer Deireadh, or Last Castle in the common tounge.

Ishmael Var Emerys

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