Feo (MIA)

A loner born of darkness


She is a black haired, white eyed half drow. She has the usual grey skin of the half drow. Her most astounding physical feature is the shape she has kept herself in, having the body equivalent of an Olympic gymnast. Her talents however aren’t limited to solely her combat prowess however, she seems to display considerable intelligence and wisdom as well. It appears that she has anger issues, as well as a strong disdain for the weak. She is now missing her left arm, most use of her left leg, and is blind. She is always clothed a blood stained cloak and carrying about a massive sword, almost too big for a mortal. Seems to seek isolation.


The party does not yet know much of The Black Swordsman. She seems to be a talented mercenary, and that she hails from the mountains of Rime. While she has is referred to as a swordsman, she is indeed a woman.

“At least he will sleep tonight”

Feo (MIA)

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