Echoes of the Past

The Best is yet to Come

So six friends parted ways in the town square, each going off in search of something they didn’t know they already had. And while our heroes would surely see each other again, it would never be under these same circumstances.
A momentary calm had come to the land of Dagon Fel. In the years that followed the Destiny Islands saw prosperity. While its new ruler was young and inexperienced, she had the good mind to rely on those around her for sound advice and good counsel. Lyra announced only a week after her coronation that she would not see any more suiters, she had a kingdom to run and near two hundred years to have an heir, it was no priority. In the advent of GreyHaven losing 75% of it’s population, it was many years before it was again returned to its former glory. With the loss of Lance Legweak, the council appointed Night Furry to the vacant seat of the Masteran council. The finding of Estelle’s work on rifts resulted in all tears in the world being closed, and the alien threat being dismissed. The Dragonsreach Empire’s call to protection had been resolved. For the events that transpired in Argos, a deep resentment set in against all creatures outside of civilized society. Argos’s ruins sat as a testament to the idea that these two worlds may never truly mix.
As for our heroes,
Njaa returned to his homeland, having casted off the shackles of Lokath he wished to regain his rightful place ruling his people. Njaa met with much resistance, and when brought before his father, was told that he would not be allowed the throne while his father still lived. Many leonin cried out for battle there on the spot. Njaa had become a wiser man in his travels, and a better man at that. He did not kill his father but rather lived under him, working to gain his place again among his people. In the years hence he came to be accepted again among his people, and even married, had child. During his time with his people, Njaa became honorable again among Leonin when he helped Cato Xiryxidor bring life back to Ghen. In his personal work, he kept close ties with the knights of Kear Deirdraath on the coast, though he never became a knight. His place was with his people. There came a time, after all the fighting, all the gore, the killing and the rage when Njaa sat atop Mt. Gagazet, and his cub asked him why he adventured, why did he every leave Ghen in the first place. Prophet looked to his cub and said
“I left to find something I needed child, and after searching the world, I found it right here”
“That’s cheesy Daddy”
Prophet chuckled and held his cub close, not understanding what she had ment.
Sigfried went to serve out his time among Hope’s Legion. During his time there, the Lady of the Lake became so impressed with Sigfried’s growth, she asked that Hope release him of his bond after only 3 years. Sigfried went on to enjoy his fame and fortune. Living his life on tour with his close friend Daffadil, whom eventually proposed to him. He formed a group of players, bringing his new musical to cities around Thalas. The idea of the musical was a smash success, and while others had the idea before, nobody had the money to mount a production. However money was not the only factor present, a great writer was needed, and that is what the world found in Sir Passion. With catchy tunes, good dramatic action, and funny rhymes Sigfried’s words became immortalized as something of the first world wide celebrity. When all tours and shows were said and done however he went to inventing his new Magnum Opus, the Keytar. With the secret diagrams passed on from bard to bard and his own ingenuity at his disposal, Sigfried would surely find a breakthrough.
Ridgeron Thatcher Angle stopped in to see his family before doing anything else. He met with all 46 members of his immediate family and had a grand celebratory dinner with the 83 members of his parents families. But Thatch is an adventurer, and an adventurer cannot live in his parent’s basement. Thatch headed back to Dagon Fel and actually settled down in the Ivory City, opening a museum of all the objects he had “collected” in his travels. He didn’t plan to go on any more great adventures, just small treasure hunts. Thatch was a man of simple ways, and didn’t look towards doing epic things or grand schemes. Though some may call this a boring life but for Thatch, he had never wanted anything more.
Krizicx Marimond jumped on his newfound lead, heading straight for the forest. What he found there was indeed his son. He spent the next few years attempting to reconnect, to make up for lost time. And while his son was glad to see his father, he was a man now, with responsibility. Krizicx had missed his son’s childhood, though not his love. So he turned toward greater horizons. Remembering what Estelle had mentioned, Krizicx decided he wanted to see new worlds. He went about buying a small house in Grand Sorin and turning it into a laboratory. He performed all manner of experiments, often calling on the Tides of Chaos for assistance. It all culminated in him blowing up the house he had bought. Finally identified as a wild mage by the public, the Council of Five demanded that Krizicx go to Hex Schoola, the mystic arcanium, to be properly taught how to control his power. Our clumsy owl made his way North, though didn’t get far, as is the custom in Ava. He found a black cat on the road with a pendant in her mouth. As he took the pendant he could see that it had inscribed on it various runes, the top of which read “material” in draconic. He looked at the cat, it purred back, then winked. Krizicx then read the next word on the pendant, “Astral” in draconic, and the world faded away before him. Krizicx saw many beautiful worlds, each with its own air of wonder and mystery. However traveling does make one year for what they miss. It was a twilight night in the City of Brass when Krizicx, tired of seeing wonders, finally figured out that what he had been lacking was still consistency in his life. He sat on a bench overlooking the Molten Sea. As he let out a sigh, he turned to his right with a start to find an elven woman gazing out over the rolling ocean as well. She had black hair and bronze skin, and a kind gaze though there was harshness in her voice.
“So Krizicx, have you found what you wanted in your travels”
“Well, I think so”
“Really? And what exactly did you want”
“I wanted…”
Krizicx thought for a moment before not being able to come up with an answer.
“I guess I wanted things back, I wanted my wife, I wanted my son”
“It’s sad and beautiful at the same time really”
“What is”
“The fact that even if you try to painstakingly put something back together piece by piece, it will never again be the way it was”
Hope began to see the world both differently and the same. While Hope’s wisdom had grown to an astounding new capacity, her heart had always been full of compassion. Hope set about trying to find a refuge for the old and unwanted in Dagon Fel. She quickly found that the freaks she moved to shelter were the same people being persecuted by the mortal races. Orcs, Goblins, and Harpies were chief among the unwanted. While Hope tried to store them in her converted manor, she quickly saw that the citizens of The Ivory City were not keen on having them there. When tensions seemed about to break, Lyra came to Hope with a solution in the form of her mother’s dimension doorframes. Hope’s back door was enchanted to lead to valley hidden in the mountains of Myst, an ancient, bountiful place where all could be accepted and never want for more. Hope herself became something of a favorite among the Ivory nobility. Invitations and proposals flooded in from all around. When Hope was not busy traveling she would stop into either her forest home in Grand Sorin, or the manor in Dagon Fel she had bequeathed to Quayle. In both places she never failed to find herself in loving arms. It was in one of these quiet moments of bliss that it finally happened. Hope lay in bed, late into the afternoon. She could smell lunch being made in the kitchen, and ocean wind through her window. In that moment of bliss she thought to herself “perhaps these small pleasures aren’t so bad”. Hope heard a powerful snap, and looked to her desk to see the charred egg that Feo had left her long ago. A lightning shaped break had appeared on it’s surface. From that crack, the shape of her world had changed again.
Cato Xirixydor became something of a wandering commodity throughout the world for a time. At the end of this journey his life had opened up, and he was free to do as he pleased. He left the noble scene of the Ivory City, and returned to his homeland of Ghen. From the ruins of his old home Dominus he used his small fortune to establish a colony, beckoning people to come from all corners of the earth and re-settle the coast. Cato was a sharp individual, and called to have mythral deposits moved down into Ghen. With the help of Prince Njaa and his Leoin, Cato was able to safely and quickly install the ore. The metal that gives life to the land around it worked faster than anybody could have imagined. Color and beauty began to return to the island of Ghen, and soon people began to flock to New Dominus. Cato then realized that there was a whole world unknown to him still waiting, and moved to see it. It would be years before he would return home again, though his absence was well worth the experience. Cato saw a hundred beautiful things in his travels. He broke bread with Storm Giants, rode dragons over the Impasse Mountains, and ran with unicorns at world’s end. But after a time travel gave way to home sicknesses, and Cato yearned for the warm waters of Dagon Fel. He went about his way going home, jaunting over Rorrim and sailing the Sea of Ghosts. At last he came upon the rocky shores of Rime, landing in a Greyhaven reborn. He passed through the city remade and followed the Nickol High Road, hitting the Midfort along the way until he finally came to the Ivory City. He had not been there in years and the sight of the gorgeous white and crystalline city invoked something in his heart he couldn’t describe. He passed the ancient bridge, suspended over the azure lake. As he hit the Temple of Vorel he met with a mass of citizens. The people of Dagon Fel still remembered and bowed their heads in deepest respect. Cato made his was through the crowd, his journey made easier by all the people falling to their knees all about. It wasn’t until the people bowing around him met with another group of kneeling citizens that his vision ahead became clear. The Queen, stood amidst the second crowd, looking right at him. A hundred people bowed as two friends looked at each other for the first time in years.
He tried to think of something, a one liner, a jest, anything, but all that came was,
“I’m back”
She smiled just as she had the first time they met,
“You’re home”

Evil's Soft First Touches
Session 4

The party met up with Raga as they headed back toward the town hall meeting. Once there they again heard the reason for the meeting. Around 17 years ago the king of the isles was murdered by his own knights, along with his queen and heir. The senate put in place has resulted unfavorably, and the people now call for a new monarchy. Delphis was deciding who would go to represent their town. Hercules was nominated, as well as Grandmaiden Fa. They then asked the party for an outside opinion. The party nominated Raga, and then Serefina. In the end, Hercules won the vote of the elders, though it was a close vote. The party erupted in celebration. Amidst the joy the party headed back to Serefina’s to sleep for the night. They were treated to dinner and a showcase of Half-Orc culture.
In the morning the busy bakery again provided breakfast to the weary travelers. Serefina herself came down and gave the party fresh, clean clothes and food for the journey ahead. Once they were done they headed to the docks to board the Edessa. Lance had a brief spat with Harliquinn who had pronounced himself captain, before Marco Rosso revealed himself to be the real captain. The Edessa embarked with the party aboard, heading south. As it took off, the crew shouted out cries of surprise and wonder. A brass dragon was taking off from Delphis, though no one knew if it were a good omen or bad. It wasn’t long however before they came upon a navel vessel recommending that they make for Grey Haven and take the land path through Rime, as a hulking pirate vessel had been decimating the Mid Sea.

Tez claimed to see a baboon sailor.

As the crew pulled into Grey Haven, the heroes could see that it had the architecture of a northern town, most likely the only northern settlement. From the ship they could spy a Temple, University, Fort, and even a Circus. Our heroes made their way along to the Circus. Once there they were promptly pickpocketed. They then went to have their fortunes read by a flashy wizard, it was expensive. They next stumbled upon a man claiming to have in his possession “the ugliest woman alive”. What he revealed was a tiny, sad creature named Missy. The party was disgusted, and Hope paid to give her a hug. Again the party was pickpocketed. Annoyed, the party found the owner and accused his Circus of theft. The man, Quaros Undertent, immediately revealed himself to be a dick. The party demanded free tickets to the show and were able to get them.
The group made a quick pit stop to the ship to drop off valuable goods so they wouldn’t be stolen. While there they went to trade with a merchant ship. A rather unsociable dwarf named Manlubank Orikson was the man they went through. Though he tried to claim the ship only sold salted fish, the the players knew something was up. When he noticed the brandings on Prophets hands, he spoke to Prophet in a different tone, suddenly regarding him as a friend.
Satisfied the party left to try and find an orphanage. They became sidetracked when an angry Marco Rosso stormed out of the Fort, proclaiming that they were stuck there. Intrigued, the players took a gander inside the fort, and met Mayor Bodlang. Maylor Bodland was far less cool than Mayor Brookes. He told that due to the bylaws of the city carried over from the Dragonsreach Empire, the city was under quarantine as the area outside had been deemed unsafe. The Mayor of the town, who should always look out for the town’s well being, suggested that if the party could prove that the city itself was unsafe, Bodlang to cloud open the quarantine, and lead the people out INTO THE UNSAFE AREA. The party asked if he knew of any way to do so, he replied that there were rumors of cult activity inside of the city, prove that and they were set. The party again left in search of their orphanage, Hope led them to a University. A little fed up, Lance broke off and used the homeless to gain information. This proved fruitful as he learned that there was a ritual being readied in the sewer cistern. He went to investigate and found hooded figures examining many other cultist’s naked bodies, and what looked to be a massive pyre built in the middle. He saw a flag depicting a rudimentary golden hand amidst a purple background. At the same time the rest of the party was going about the University, though they didn’t look into its history, they met the professor of economics. He was a deep gnome named Jack Maggot. For 5 gold pieces they were able to get information out of him. He said that there was a cult in the city, though it was in no way related to the religious quells going on outside.
The party next headed to the circus for the show. As the crowd was ushered in for the show to start, Prophet and Thatch snuck out to rescue Missy. Hope left the show angry, and stood out front playing with her orb. Lance disrupted Quaros’s flying routine but managed to blame it on Tez. It was true however that two pixies had dropped dust on Quaros to let him fly, the pixies had fled however soon as they could. They rushed out front into Hope and were revealed to be Harliquinn and his new squeeze, Belle. The three went off flying together. As Prophet and Thatch reached Missy’s caravan there was a singular stall lit up in red, a tiny bald man eyeing them from it. He informed them he knew they were breaking Missy out, and that he had no intention of stopping them. As they went in, the man handed Prophet a small, crimson, egg shaped ceramic on a necklace. He said that it was called The Egg of The Conqueror, and that he should take it for now. Prophet asked if they would ever meet again, the man calmly replied “no”. They broke into Missy’s caravan and found her easy enough. Upon releasing her they put her in a backpack. As they left the caravan car, the man had vanished.
While flying with the pixies, Hope heard a strange sound coming from a sewer manhole. She landed and opened it, going inside. She followed the sound, a mixture of hideous laughter and sexual moaning, until she stumbled upon an orgy surrounding a massive bonfire. The light in the room seemed to grow darker as the fire got bigger, the sounds louder. As the fire reached an immense height, a figure appeared in the fire. A silhouette of a sensual woman appeared. The shadow in the fire began to then unfurl a massive wingspan, the flames growing with it. As the wings became fully extended, the cult stabbed several member and threw them into the flames, the figure let out a pleasurable sigh, and fire engulfed the cistern.

Session 3
A Better Place to Be

Prophet regained his senses and surveyed the ship’s condition. He noted that Tez was no longer tied to the mast, which had been broken in two during the escape. Judeau was going about helping the sailors to their feet. He and Prophet spoke, saying that they needed a plan of action. Prophet was to go about and scout the beach, to the east he saw what looked to be ruins, and to the west he saw three massive stones sticking out of the ocean. Prophet told Thatch to stay and guard the ship, Ridgeron humbly accepted both the task and breakfast. Before setting off Prophet went to Cordelia’s room and searched. He found a lockbox with some gold and a ruby, as well as a blue and gold bandana which he tied about his head. Before leaving he straightened her bed and placed her captain’s hat on it, he then set out for the ruins to the east.
Hope woke up by being slapped by tiny hands. She asked Harliquinn where they were, and he responded by saying they were rescued, and that there was someone else present. Hope heard someone say “You’re up bright and early” and turned to see Hercules, an absolutely hunky water genasi. She thanked him for saving him, he showed no modesty and accepted saying he is something of a local hero. Hope had never heard of him, he was insulted. He then offered to take her back to her friends, noting the smoke column in the distance. She accepted, but at the same time caught sight of three gargantuan stones sticking out of the water off the shore. Hercules remarked that they were the Godstones, three ancient stones covered in writing, though no one on the island knows how to read them. Hope flew out to examine them before going to her friends. She noted that they rose about 80 feet out of the water and were 30 feet in diameter. The top of the Godstone closest to the shore depicted five dragons.
Prophet stumbled upon three of Orlando’s pirates arguing about the color of birds feathers. A fight ensued, Prophet won, a man fled, and Prophet took their things. Among their items was a curious ten spouted jug. At this point our friend Lance Legweak ran out from the bushes calling to be saved. He claimed that Orlando had become annoyed with him and thrown him from the ship prior to the storm and Lance washed up on shore. Prophet gleefully pulled Lance in tow and headed toward the ruins and said “adventure first, brother”. The two went about exploring the long overgrown ruins, finding that there was little left of the city originally there. They headed for the parthenon of the city and learned that this was once a city named Pandemea. Lance remembered that the letter sent to Mastera by Saris stated that he wished the fleet to meet him at Pandemea. Prophet also remarked that they must be on the Island of Riven. Lance knew there was something was fishy going on. They decided to descend into the lower levels of the parthenon. They found a massive circular level spiraling down some hundred feet, at the bottom there were lit torches. Lance being a rouge went down to investigate while Prophet stayed above. Once at the bottom he found many lifelike statues of various warriors, as well as a corridor that led to a second chamber. As Lance went along he heard the rattling of snakes and decided to contact the forces of the night. Lance asked a rat to walk thirty feet ahead of him while entering the room. As the rat stepped paw in the room, Lance could hear the hissing of many snakes, the rat looked off to the right, and was turned to stone. Lance left immediately, grabbed Prophet and headed for the ship.
Back at The Royal Bastard Thatch caught sight of Hercules walking toward the beached vessel, carrying Hope over his shoulder. Thatch came down and was introduced to the hunky genasi, neither was impressed with the other. By the time that Hercules was introduced to the rest of the crew, Prophet and Lance had returned. Once the adventurers had regrouped, they began to think of what to do next. Hope had Hercules suggest that the group head into the village of Delphis, where he hailed from. There the party could either find a new ship to work on, or find the parts necessary to fix their ship. So they headed off into the jungle, Hercules unfortunately could not give an in depth tour as he doesn’t know that much about most things.
The party came upon Delphis after an hour. It was a small, walled off community made of white stone huts with blue roofs. Outside the north gate existed a large temple, and a dock to the south of the city. As the party headed inside Hercules left them to their own devices, but remarked that there was a meeting being held tonight at their city center and the group should attend. Hope said she would sleep with Hercules, he was intrigued. The group went to the dock where they found two ships. One was very small and looked somewhat abandoned, the other was a large and decorated ship of some import. They met with the dock official, a orange haired elf named Nausicaa. She explained that the regal ship was set to sail tomorrow and was in need of around twenty more sailors. The party agreed that they could definitely find that number. Upon booking work the group realized that it was not even midday yet, and decided to go about town.
Lance and Thatch headed for the local cantina, The Crooked Castle, a building that was literally crooked. Inside they met the bartender, a human man with a funny accent named Flux Seaskimmer. They had drinks, they pick-pocketed people to pay for said drinks, then Thatch asked if any other ratfolk had come through recently. Flux said yes, a rat named Marco Fleabane had come through on his way to Libertalia. Flux then laughed saying that Libertalia however is was a myth, a supposed city of pirates who had banded together. It couldn’t possibly exist however as there is no honor among thieves. At the same time Lance inquired after a man named Saris Alexopolus, who had sent the letter to Mastera begging them for aid and asking that they come to Pandemea. Flux said that Saris was the brother to the former king who had been killed, and that he was the most honorable man in the islands, he would never try to trick the Masteran people. Lance again knew something was fishy. They they asked what the town meeting was about tonight and Flux told them that almost 17 years ago the king of the islands of Dagon Fel had been killed by his own knights. Since then there had been a quickly thrown together senate to rule as there was no next of kin. The meeting tonight would decide who Riven would send to a Summit happening in the Ivory City in a few weeks, the Summit to decide the new king or queen.

Prophet and Hope headed for the temple north of Delphis. Inside they found three massive statues of five golden dragons, one of which was bigger that the others. They went an found a handmaiden who wasn’t busy and asked her for the history of the temple, as they were unfamiliar with the deities. The handmaiden said that the temple was dedicated to the angels of Bahamut. Long ago, Bahamut and Tiamet were not enemies, and created their first children. Five red dragons from Tiamet, and five gold from Bahamut. These five were paired to be lovers, however as history states Bahamut and Tiamet eventually came to war, and the lovers were split. Bahamut’s dragons came to the isles and each was made to give a gift to the mortal peoples. These five gifts were Generosity, Wisdom, Compassion, Valor and Honor. The dragons left, but had become the angels of Dagon Fel. Before the dragons left it was decided that Vorelbaah, the dragon of compassion was the patron saint of Riven, and thus compassion was their prime virtue. The handmaiden then told Prophet and Hope of a prophecy. Apparently some odd few years ago, Bahamut returned to the heavens after waging a 2000 year feud with Tiamet. When he returned, he found that Vorelbaah had become vain and no longer understood her duty. So Bahamut cast her down to earth in mortal form, giving her the curse of a mortal heart, that she might learn to care for her people. If she could prove herself, she would regain her angelic form. The handmaiden smiled, saying that their lady now “walks among us”. Prophet scoffed, Hope went and performed an offering to Vorel.
Hope and Prophet then headed back to the tavern, and en route saw a half-elf woman sell some bread, then take off on a flying broom toward the west. They regrouped with the other two in the bar and agreed that they wished to head to the bazaar to shop. Lance shoplifted a silver statue of a raven. The party found that almost all shops were just tents that had been set up, but there was one standing structure the read “general store” in primordial. Once inside they found 9 gnomes running about and learned that this was a store known as the Gnome Depot. Prophet went to sell two scimitars, however he learned that there is no haggling at the Gnome Depot, so he took a lower price and found himself a preferred shoppers card. Exiting the store, the party again saw the half-elf baker deliver goods and take off to the east. Intrigued, the party followed her. Outside of town they found a small walled off compound that smelled of sugar and baked goods. Two half-orc guards stopped them outside briefly, but eventually let them inside.
In the compound they found about four more half-orc guards patrolling, and once inside the house found six more. The orcs freaked out saying the words “customer, we got customer” over and over again. The orcs then performed a musical number before the woman came out. She seemed delighted to have guests and promptly served them all tea and bread before joining herself and scarfing down a helping. She introduced herself as Serefina Fusilli, local baker. She seemed rather burnt out and frazzled, however quite kind, and the group quickly fell in love with her. She was quite keen to make sure the party had a place to stay, offering her house, and that they knew all the sights to see while they stayed on Riven. She spoke of Poviss a city made up of dragonborn, the ruins of Pandemea where a lonely Gorgon known as Chernabog lived, a small place to the east called the Isle of Happiness where a powerful Wizard resides, and of the Godstones to the northwest. She remarked that she was working on decoding the Godstones, and that they told of the time before recorded history from what she could gather. She then noticed the brands on Prophet’s hands and remarked that the stones bore the same symbol. He reacted rather strangely and needed to head outside for fresh air. Lastly she told the party of how her father was a sorcerer who used to work with the wizard from the Isle of Happiness, she remembered playing there in her youth. Before departing the group went out back and found a gorgeous garden being tended by Serefina’s husband, a half-orc ranger named Raga. They had pleasant conversation before he encouraged them to take seeds and spread them across the world, saying that beauty should be found everywhere.
The party left and waited at the tavern while Prophet ran to the Royal Bastard to inform the crew that they had found a new ship. Once there Judeau and Pippin informed him that things were getting bad, and that a Hengeyokai named Jenkin was quickly asserting dominance over the crew. Prophet grabbed what loyal members he could and headed back to town. Once reunited the four decided that they should go visit the wizard at the Isle. It was an uneventful stroll down the beach, after an hour and a half they came upon a dock, and could see the small island about 180 feet away. Sailing out in a vacant rowboat, the group was treated to azure, clear water, and an array of exotically colored fish. The ride took no time, and upon reaching the new dock, found a long unlit lantern and a pewter statue of a dragon with small golden chunks. Prophet lit the lantern, the party then headed for the only structure on the island, a small round dwelling, they also spied a thick cluster of tropical trees on the east side of the island. They found the front door unlocked, and entered to see if everything was alright. They found a house that had not seen use for sometime, the groundfloor had a layer of dust, a staircase, a desk, and four doors. They searched the desk, finding cryptic letters and a book entitled “Planes and the Spaces Between Them, by Raul Zarek”. Lance also found a shield on the wall with a family crest. It depicted a dragon rising from the ocean at sunset, and etched on its chest were the words “Duty, Compassion, Sacrifice”. Lance tried to remember his noble family crests as it did seem to be one of the northern houses, but couldn’t quite place this one. The group then went upstairs and found a rather strange room. It seemed quite clean compared to the downstairs room, albeit quite cluttered. The room was lined with shelfs which featured all manner of baubles, and a bed propped up upon a glass case filled to the brim with gold and gems. Lance picked up an ornate rapier and upon trying to unsheathe it was caused physical pain, a voice in his head saying “Do not take what is not yours”. Thatch however did find a purple rose standing upright by itself, and picked it up, fearing it needed safekeeping. As they all left the room, Prophet noticed chalk drawings on the wall which had not been wiped off. The drawings depicted what looked a quick glance to be a family. Once downstairs the party tried to multiple times to open each door, however Lance found himself knocked out by a magic trap while trying to pick the locks and the party eventually gave it up. They did note that the east door was unlocked and, when opened, was completely charred on the other side and led to a broom closet. Before leaving, Thatch also grabbed one of the letters that seemed quite personal.
Before heading back to the mainland, the party followed a path into the grouping of trees, Lance stayed back to tend to his massive headache. The group seemed to walk for what seemed an impossible amount of time given the size of the land they were on, when a curious thing happened. The climate suddenly became cool, and the trees became coniferous, and the trees opened onto a small clearing. In the clearing was a small pond, with a small island in the middle with a singular tree rising from it. As Prophet and Hope stepped into the clearing, a dryad came out from behind the tree and stared at them. They walked toward her and, as they stepped into the water, found that they were actually walking on it. As they approached the Dryad, she looked at them and asked if they had come for the sword. Prophet said yes, and she responded that many have come before, and for thousands of years no one has been truly worthy. She stated that when a warrior came along who could truly embody the five virtues then they would be able to pull the sword from its stone, and gestured toward the bottom of the lake. Hope and Prophet could see in the depths a sword lodged in a rock, gleaming. The dryad first looked at Prophet and found that he was true of valor and generosity, but lacked the other three. She then looked upon Hope and said that she was true of compassion, but lacked the other four. The dryad then disappeared behind the tree. The three then headed back and found Lance taking a nap. The party decided it was time to return to Delphis as the sun was setting. Almost to the town Thatch attuned to the rose, learning that it was a Rose of Remembrance, an expensive magical plant that has the capacity to store a memory. Thatch gazed into the Rose and found himself back in Mastera out back of Big Mama’s house. Thatch was seeing the memory of someone much taller than he, human, and feminine. The first memory had the viewer teaching a 7 year old girl with gray skin to do magic, with the teachings ending successfully albeit in a bit of chaos. The memory then shifted to the Isle of Happiness. The viewer was sitting on a lawn chair looking out to see, with the same grey little girl clutching their thigh. The little girl began to inquire after the viewers history, calling her mother, asking when she met her father, when she became a wizard. The conversation eventually drifted toward the little girl claiming that she wished she was pretty just like her mother, and asked if she could use magic to make herself pretty. The viewer looked at the girl and remarked that she was quite lucky, because she didn’t need magic to pretty, she already was.

Session 2
Ten Eyes in the Dark

Our heroes were taken under the deck of The Royal Bastard, and tied up to the posts that held the cots. Lance Legweak went aboard Orlando Bloom’s ship The Witty Whore, our goblin rouge Tez Kum Bigarse was tied to the mast of The Royal Bastard by his feet. Once the Witty Whore took off with our ship in tow the heroes began to formulate a plan to escape. On the first night they had Thatch gnaw through his rope and sneak out to find their weapons. Once back Krizicx cast mending on his ropes so the guards wouldn’t be suspicious. The second night began when Captain Orlando came below decks and invited first mate Corkus to his cabin for dinner, Corkus gladly accepted. Once he was gone Judeau mentioned that he could still see the way they were sailing through a crack in the hull, and Cordellia mentioned that she would like to wait until land was in sight to spring the trap. The team decided that they would wait until nighttime, and then they would go out and cut the the rope. After that they would have Hope fly over a barrel of gunpowder and Prophet would throw over the rest, then Krizicx would cast firebolt to destroy the ship in one swift move. Hope remarked that while all the weapons had been found, her arcane focus had not been recovered. Harliquinn, the valiant fairy prince offered to go out and look around for it. When Harliquinn came back empty handed, Thatch went out one more time to try and find Hope’s pearl of power. Upon inspection of Orlando’s ship he guessed that the pearl must be inside his captains quarters, and devised a plan to make the crew think the ship was haunted, so Orlando would investigate. Thatch tied a bell to the front of the vessel and rang it a few times before scurrying to the back. Sure enough, Orlando marched to the front of the ship to see what the commotion was about. Upon invading the cabin, Thatch managed to find the pearl, as well as a human foot on a dinner plate. He then made a swift and clean retreat.
Midway through the next day Judeau exclaimed that he could see land in the distance. The team decided that tonight was the night. Once dusk came, Orlando came below decks again and eyed the group. He eventually decided on Prophet, but then Hope acted upset that she wasn’t picked. So Orlando, ever the gentleman, agreed to take Hope instead. Once on deck it was clear that Orlando had sailed straight into a storm. He took her across a gangplank connecting the ships to his cabin where they sat down to a romantic dinner. After a little bit of decent meal, Hope told Orlando that she had a very rich friend, and he reckoned that he could ransom her to him. With the information of a cash cow in mind, the noble captain decided not to eat Hope, but to make her his hostage. Hope said that if they were to be stuck together, why not be his princess. Orlando was smitten.
At the same time below The Royal Bastard’s deck, Krizicx decided that he wanted to try to embody the ghost that Thatch had set in the pirates minds. Donning a very old shirt, he attempted to fly up and scare the deck guards, however he only managed to smash into the trapdoor leading to the deck itself. The guards came to investigate and found a barn owl trapped in a shirt, who promptly flew out and into the crows nest. The deck guards then warned the sailors that there were to be no more owls. After they left and the below deck guard began his rounds, the group busted out. Prophet intimidated the below guard, Todd, into joining the crew. Thatch, Cordellia, and Prophet sneaked out onto the deck, however the barbarian was seen. It mattered not however, for Cordellia immediately killed one man, and Prophet ended the other deck guard’s life. Prophet then cut the line towing their ship, while Thatch attempted to roll the first gunpowder barrel out onto the deck. What ensued was an epic sea battle in the night amidst a raging storm, and the entire time the goblin tied to the mast flew about like a tether ball, screaming for help. Orlando’s crew tried desperately to get a gangplank to connect the two ships into place, but failed miserably, in the end the gangplank only fell into the ocean. Hope came from Orlando’s cabin and, upon seeing the situation, reported to him that the prisoners were escaping. From the cabin emerged an enraged and shirtless pirate captain, he stated that she need not worry, he would take care of this rabble then they would make sweet love. Hope cringed. Hope flew up to the crows nest and Orlando cupped a feel. At this time a third vessel, looking to be an elven warship, came up along the other side of The Witty Whore. Hope spied that there was an odd looking shadow moving about beneath the third ship. Krizicx sprayed acid onto some of the pirates, while Prophet and Thatch tried their best to pull the barrels out on deck, however the storm was impeding everyone. The Witty Whore then rammed into The Royal Bastard, knocking Krizicx and Orlando into the sea. Hope then heard a mysterious man who looked to be the captain of the warship say “kill them all”. At that moment a hydra came forth from the churning sea and rocked The Witty Whore’s crew and Hope off into the waters. Hope was able to find Orlando using darkvision and cast light on his belt buckle, he looked pleased before swimming away and abandoning her and his ship. Prophet, Thatch and Cordellia watched as the hydra began to tear away at Orlando’s crew, noting that every time it killed someone, a faint blue light would seep from their body and into its chest. At that moment Prophet was flung from the vessel. Thatch ran to Cordellia and asked for help, she told him to man the ship and dove off the side. Cordellia then found Hope and offered her assistance in getting to the surface so she could take flight. Hope transferred her light spell to Cordellia’s necklace, which enraged Orlando. Cordellia proceeded to assist Prophet and Krizicx, though each time Orlando was right behind her, and had begun to stab her each time he could. Prophet climbed up the side of the ship using his claws, and then set about tying rigging from the mast to himself. Grabbed a barrel and went to the front of the ship to get a running start. He sprinted forth and leapt off the side, swinging back toward the Witty Whore. As he threw the barrel of gunpowder at the hydra and Orlando’s ship he exclaimed “Who’s hungry?”, before swinging back to The Royal Bastard.
Hope flew to the elven warship to attempt parlay, once she arrived on deck however she announced “parcheesy!” and the commander called to have her thrown overboard. Krizicx saw back to save Cordellia by shooting a fire bolt at Orlando. Krizicx managed to burn his hand, and Orlando dropped his sabre into the depths. Cordellia then motioned for Krizicx to swim back to the ship. He stopped to look at her one last time. He saw her reach up and grab her necklace generating light, and tear it off. As it sank, he lost sight of both her and Orlando. Thatch was thrown from the wheel of the ship, quite luckily, right into the trap door where he landed in Judeau’s lap. Judeau commanded him to start drumming for the oar rowers, and he did. Judeau disappeared above deck. Prophet went and tied a torch to his javelin and took off for one mor valiant swing. As he raised up, he steadied his aim, and let the weapon loose. The Witty Whore exploded into an inferno of screaming sailors. In the blast Prophet was lucky to also blow off one of the hydra’s heads. He then untied himself and went up to the steering wheel to find Judeau commanding the ship. Judeau congratulated Prophet before being momentarily tossed from the ship. Krizicx was able to make it back safe and sound when Judeau did, and promptly headed below deck. Prophet steered while Judeau navigated to the best of his ability, however neither possessed darkvision. As one last stab, Hope set fire to the sails of the elven warship and was able to see its name, Andromedon, painted on the hull. She then tried to fly to The Royal Bastard but was knocked out of the air by the gales and landed quite hard against the still floating gangplank. As she landed she hit her head quite hard and was knocked out.
With the lack of darkvision the two men ran the ship aground on the island shores they had sailed for, however they were finally safe on land. As the sun rose up, Prophet could see that the rope that had held Tez Bigarse captive was frayed, and the goblin was nowhere to be seen.

Session 1
Worlds Away

Morning came in the city of Grand Sorin. Lance Legweak awoke to a pleasant and quiet house, the same types of mornings he had begun to have since the arrest of his dear wife Fumiko three years ago. Lance strolled through the city towards the duke’s castle where he was to begin his day of work. The council of five now consists of Lance, Polenya, BrawnaKush, Claude Van Damme, and Salem. Usual cases and appeals were heard before a mysterious letter came to the council. The letter was sent from the southern land of Dagon Fel, by a man named Saris Alexopolus. The text implored that Mastera send a fleet to help him, though he didn’t specify what or who he was fighting. He also presented himself under the title “The True Heir to the Ivory Throne”, and offered access to the mythril mines on the isle of Rime were they to help him. The Council jumped on the opportunity and, realizing that they didn’t have a fleet let alone a real port, sent Lance to find a ship and make contact in the south. During his lunch break, Lance went to visit Fumiko in the dungeon before going to the rudimentary dock that Grand Sorin had established.
Meanwhile a wagon arrived at the south gate of Grand Sorin, and from the under carriage popped out the ratfolk “collector” Ridgeron Thatcher Angle, Thatch for short. What followed was a sight as his entire family of thirty squirmed their way out of the wagon as well to say their goodbyes and farewells. Thatch’s mom gave him a sweetroll and saw him off. Thatch approached the gates of the massive city and was met by two friendly, though confused, guardsmen. Making his way about the city, Thatch stumbled into The Dizzy Daisy and beheld a woman dressed scantly manning the bar. The woman proceeded to speak in a very strange strange accent and blatantly flirt with the rat. Thatch asked if the woman knew where the local Rat Guide chapter was located. Unfortunately she did not. Thatch went outside and began to think, Pooh Bear style.
At the dock a ship dubbed The Royal Bastard pulled into port. The sailors began to unload goods and trade for various items. The first mate Corkus pulled our heros Prophet, a leonin barbarian, and Krizicx Marimond, a barn owl Hengeokai wild mage, aside to help him deliver a rather hefty crate. The leonin picked it up with ease, Krizicx did his best to help and they set off for the poor district of town. Moving amidst the city smelling things better left unsmelled, hearing screams both good and bad, they eventually came upon a very tiny shack. Corkus knocked on the door and the owner, a slimy little man named Bartok, answered. He thanked the sailors profusely and took the large package inside. As Bartok closed the door Krizicx spied a banner hanging on the mans wall, depicting a very simple gold hand. Corkus announced a job well done and went off to that “House of Hills and Mountains”. Prophet and Krizicx both decided to explore the city on their own.
A tiefling sorcerer and a fairy prince emerged from the woods and flew towards the city of Grand Sorin. Once there the two looked out over the city and beheld the town in its splendor as well as the ship at port, though had some trouble figuring out what a ship was. Harliquinn, the fairy, decided he was bored and wanted to take a nap, so he flew into the tiefling’s hood. She went to explore the Chapel of Sorin, however she became bored and then flew to the town square to try and gather information. Once amid the hustle and bustle of merchants, villagers, and guards she stumbled upon a rather pensive ratfolk. She stared at him for a couple of minutes before he took notice of her. Taken aback, Thatch asked who she was. The tiefling dubbed herself Hope, and said that she was looking for a friend, who was a green dragon. Thatch responded that he was looking for a foe, who was a rat like him named Marco Fleabane. The two joined forces and flew above the city to try and find the Rat Guide so they could buy information. With a better vantage point they managed to locate the chapter in the waterway. Hope flew down, Thatch screamed. Once there only Thatch could fit inside. Thatch paid the entry fee and entered the bar populated exclusivly by rats. He was able to pay the bartender Gonzo Bluecheese Fourpaws for information. Gonzo said that Marco was seen heading south to a city made exclusively of pirates, which was ridiculous as there is no honor among thieves. He was less sure on the dragon but said that it either went across the sea to Rorrim to join the dragons there, or went south as well because Dagon Fel means “Dragon Islands” in primordial according to mister Fourpaws. Thatch thanked the man and upon informing Hope, the two agreed to book passage on a boat together, and headed for the dock.
At this point Lance had made it to The Royal Bastard and asked to speak with its captain. The woman he was speaking to announced that he was speaking to her currently. She was a water Genasi by the name of Cordellia Seaworth. Legweak asked Cordellia if she would accompany him to the castle to take on a royal job and she agreed. Once in the court Cordellia accepted the job to escort Lance down to the Isle of Riven to make contact with Saris, for a heavy price of course. He would also be accompanied by the foreign ambassador of the council of five, Glitter Core member Adonis, the half angel. Cordellia then left back for her ship, and Lance waited until Dusk to go to the dock. Before leaving the castle for possibly the last time he went to say his goodbyes to Fumiko. She accused Lance of abandoning her and he responded with an unusually cold “goodbye”, as he left the dungeon he heard her scream his name, and smiled to himself glad to be rid of her at last. Lance headed off for adventure.
Before returning to the ship, Prophet made a quick check of the city’s defenses and found them to be suitable. Lastly he stopped off at the Chapel of Sorin and asked the head priest, a white dragonborn named Taylox, if the Chapel had a shine to Lokath. Taylox responded no, and that he had never heard of Lokath before. Prophet stroked the priest’s cheek with his claw and said “he is…hunger”. Taylox said that there are two bare alters at the front of the chapel that are for alters to be made and discarded on. Prophet went and made himself an alter, and prayed before returning to the ship. At the same time Krizicx went to Big Mama’s Home for Little Ones and had dinner with the lovely Big Mama. He asked her if she knew of any fox Hengeokai in the area, and she responded that one was currently residing in the noble district at The House of Many Places. Krizicx ate the last of his gumbo and flew off toward the house. Once at the mansion he knocked on the door and, much to his disappointment, was greeted by a nine tailed albino fox man named Vulpine. Krizicx spoke of his family, Vulpine spoke of how he could pleasure his family. Krizicx then left without learning much of the enigma known as Vulpine, heading back for The Royal Bastard.
While Thatch stayed at the dock, Hope went to explore the graveyard. In the graveyard Hope read a number of tombstones. Gene Van Damme, Baron Van Damme, a grave that simply read “Simon”. At last she came upon the only person in the cemetery. He was an Orc named Vizima, who explained that he had been the Majordomo to a family here, however he had failed the family and has been in mourning for three years lamenting his failure. The heads of the household had disappeared, their proxy had died, and their heir had ran away. Hope said an improvised prayer of Chauntea, and bid farewell. The tombstone read “Hakkon Var Emerys, Live every day to it’s fullest for you never know when it will end”.
Once everybody had arrived at the ship, Cordellia stated that everyone could pay or work their way, except Lance who didn’t have to do shit. Everyone agreed to work. As the ship was setting off, a Goblin stowaway by the name of Tez Kum Bigarse tried to sneak off, but was easily caught by the slab of Half Orc known as Pippin. He was brought before the captain who remarked that she was in need of a skilled thief, and he was welcome to join the crew if he would do as commanded. Tez as shackled and brought back aboard. Navigator Judeau came and assigned jobs to Thatch, Tez, and Hope. He decided that Hope didn’t have to do anything and could share his bunk. Adonis just needed to stand on the deck and look pretty to boost morale.
Everyone began to become friends over the journey, except Lance and Tez, nobody liked those two. Lance got all vampirey and bite both Cordellia and Tez, though he was stealthy as a raccoon so no one found out. Judeau macked on Hope, but learned that it was a hopeless endeavor. He also divulged his past to her. Thatch trained two rats as pets. Everyone bonded over their lunch breaks, though Tez got into a fight with Hope. About a week out from Mastera they came upon a shipwreck, and Tez offered to explore it. Everyone was eager to see him try, and tied a rope to him. Tez dove off the side and looted the wreck as best he could, returning with four bags. At the same time Krizicx flew over and inspected the wreckage. The both noticed that the ship had one massive point of damage in the middle, but nowhere else seemed to be damaged. Tez also saw a gargantuan black shape moving about in the depths. Once he was pulled aboard they spread out what loot he had found. A diary, some gold, a knife, and a deck of playing cards that had remained dry. Cordellia also took off his shackles.
Three weeks into the journey the Royal Bastard was boarded by a ship flying merchant colors. The crew began to swarm over, bringing barrels and goods, at first glance they seemed to have twice the numbers the Bastard did. The captain, a massive bronze dragonborn, strode across and announced himself.He was Orlando Bloom, the Greatest Captain the World’s Ever Known. He then informed the crew that they were now all this prisoners, and that he hoped they would have a wonderful stay with him.

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